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We lived on Ibiza for some time, a sun-drenched paradise island with charming towns and villages,

the beautiful countryside where you can still take long walks without encountering anyone, lovely bays for sun worshippers

and water sports enthusiasts.


It's also the island of many chiringuitos, where you can comfortably enjoy a drink and some delicious food



It was at one of the many chiringuitos where we had our very first ginger tea. Wow, what a special and unique taste sensation!

From the first sip, we were immediately captivated and fell in love with ginger.

And coincidentally or not... a few days later, when we went shopping in a nice local small store in St. Gertrudis, there was fresh ginger.

And that's when we took some with us!


Initially, to make ginger tea, later also to create a liquid drink from the fresh ginger that we could use for other purposes,

such as cooking and as a ginger shot.

After quite a few failed attempts, we ventured to start using additional ingredients such as the freshest and tastiest

lemons and a hint of orange juice, both fruits abundant on Ibiza and are absolutely much tastier than anywhere else.

And that is certainly due to the many sun-soaked months that Spain is so rich in.


After we finally had our recipe ready, we made our ginger shots for friends and acquaintances who were very happy with them.

Initially, we didn't intend to make it bigger, but sometimes things don't go as expected.


Meanwhile, we have moved to the mainland of Spain, to Javea to be exact.

Our choice for Javea is mainly because Javea has the best microclimate in the world, and currently,

Javea is recognized by the World Health Organization for having the second healthiest climate in the world, after Rio de Janeiro.

Here, too, most of the ingredients we use for GO-GINGER grow.

The lemon and orange trees are full of fruit and are so delicious that our choice for Javea as a location to settle was a done deal for us at least. From here, we will make the most delicious and healthiest ginger drink.


In broad outlines, this is our story, from the Netherlands to Ibiza, and from Ibiza to the mainland of Spain.

Ibiza brought us GO-GINGER, and we subsequently bring that to you.


For us, the circle is complete with this, and we hope to welcome you as a customer of GO-GINGER."