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Of course, every bottle of GO-GINGER is already a beautiful gift to give or receive.


But did you know that copper also has healing properties?

Pour your beverages from a copper pitcher into copper cups for optimal effectiveness.

Or keep your drink warm or chilled in the exquisite copper thermos flask.


Each piece of our drink pitchers or thermos flasks is crafted and hand-beaten.

This makes each piece unique. And our stock is therefore limited.


So, act quickly if you want to acquire one of the unique items listed below.


The drink pitchers and thermos flasks from GO-GINGER are an ornament on the table or on the go.


The unique 5-liter copper water jug with a tap is available separately with 2 accompanying copper cups. Additional individual cups can be ordered separately. This set is an ornament on the table and adds an extra dimension to your retreats, surely to be appreciated by all participants.


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The beautifully engraved copper thermos flask with its accompanying handmade (crocheted) bag is easy to carry. The lovely sturdy closure ensures that the bottle cannot leak. The beverages in the flask will absorb and release the healing properties of copper.


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With this beautifully hand-beaten copper pouring jug, accompanied by 2 matching copper cups, you bring sunshine to the table. A lovely addition to your yoga class or retreats if you enjoy sharing in love and wisdom. Additional individual cups can be ordered separately.

Experience the power of copper!


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